The Danger(?) with Social Media Ads

Hey, Ayman, you tell good ol’ Naaman whether a McCain ad next to a YouTube video of Red State Update is a success or a failure of YouTube’s ad-matching algorithm.

Who is more attractive?

On one hand, the mocking/hipster crowd that enjoys RSU (I kinda do) may be exactly those McCain would like to target.

On the other hand, the display ad, as one can see on the right, is a call-for-action and seems to be meant for people already convinced (“join our team”!).

I wonder if YouTube can do better and allow McCain to publish ads on videos that mention his name but do so in a favorable fashion. Or even better: be able to select which display ads from the McCain campaign to show for favorable versus negative videos. Should be that hard – I mean, even Ayman had built an opinion classifier in his research, as far as I remember (I know Ayman will correct me if I’m wrong, he’s a bit of a literalist if you know what I mean).

Besides, Naaman is for Obama.

One thought on “The Danger(?) with Social Media Ads

  1. ayman

    Yo Naaman – it seems that it has everything to do with the ‘social’ aspects of YouTube. The McCain ad is delivered because the owners: Travis and Jonathan in Red State Update. My guess is this kind of matching is what you might see more often as it aligns itself to something YouTube’s owners do quite well: index static text and serve ads against them.

    Statics and Dynamics in social systems become an issue and the key difficulty for monetization. Do we index the comments and serve ads against them? Do we look at the video content itself to find relevant features for ads? You know me – i like to look at how its shared and who’s sharing it and use that to determine the social structures which are consuming the media…but that might be another post soon to come.

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