what does your iPhone do?

hey naaman? did you get a new iPhone yet? i figure you must have since you tend to geo-code maps into most all of your day to day activities. recently a friend of mine pointed out that the GPS is not accurate enough to give turn by turn directions. as a result, we resulted to using me (ayman) to navigate from south park to the in-n-out at pier 39. so i got to wondering, how does a friend compare to your iPhone? lets take a little run down of the features:

iPhone 3G
GPS Technology SkyHook SkyHook/GPS/aGPS Born Sense of Direction
Navigation Google Maps Google Maps Turn by Turn with routing redirection with visual landmark recognition. Able to learn unmapped areas.
Interfaces Touch Screen Input and Display, Bluetooth Touch Screen Input and Display, Bluetooth Voice I/O
Music iPod software (plays: music, video, playlists) iPod software (plays: music, video, playlists) Sophisticated DJ technology finds music to fit the mood of driver and surroundings (requires iPod, iPhone, or mp3 player).
World Support USA Only Works in 22 countries (subject to map and 3G coverage) Works Internationally (see country list).
Features Installable Applications, Voice mail, Hands free capable Installable Applications, Voice mail, Hands free capable Voice I/O w/NLP, Vision Input, Hands free out of the box, can call your friends and answer calls via proxy, finds objects in car (quarters, pens, even iPhones), holds 2 cups or 1 cup and 1 burrito.
Cost People scrapping them to get 3G model $200 plus annual contract, $600 no contract Free for friends in beta program; expensive annual contract with hefty activation (startup bonus) fee.

so you see naaman, while its a tough heat when you look at the feature list, i am clearly more superior than the iPhone 3g. the question is, do you still have that beta invite code? b/c if not, i dont think you could afford the upgrade.

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  1. naaman

    You forgot the “Friend Finder” feature, clearly important for navigating cityscapes!

    No official application that helps you find your nearby friends.

    iPhone 3G:
    A number of apps will find any friend who walks by (if they stood in line for their own iPhone 3G and signed up for the right app).

    Friend already there.

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