Participate in Jim Wilkie’s online PhD studies!

Jim Wilkie Smiling politely

Jim Wilkie Smiling politely

I always enjoy trying to think about new research methods or employing some innovative approach to different elements of the study. At Y!RB (RIP), we have even tried several new things, including one pretty successful “integrated” solicitation for a study on Zurfer (not RIP yet: use it!).

That’s why I greatly enjoyed running into the following call-to-action inside a simple Facebook display ad:

PhD Jim Needs You: Find yourself with time to kill? Why not help a PhD student by taking 3-10 min. online studies? You can win prizes for each completed!

Complete the ad with a picture of Jim smiling smugly from ear to ear, and I couldn’t help by clicking through to Jim’s Facebook group, where he collects participants and distributes studies. Help Jim Wilkie*, research czar, get a biased sample of the world**, right here!

* A Northwestern PhD student – Ayman, and I thought nothing good came out of Northwestern since the PhD student that graduate ahead of you!

** I hope his studies are not sensitive to this selection bias.

2 thoughts on “Participate in Jim Wilkie’s online PhD studies!

  1. ayman

    Jim’s a Doctor of Marketing candidate from the Kellogg School of Management. Snap! There’s a degree you don’t wanna mess with in a dark alley.

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