Show me the text!

My grande latte friend likes to think in pictures. Most people tend to gravitate towards text…or at least its easier to build texty things over imagey things (where you apparently have a fight on your hands).

Thus began the hunt to mix text into video in a meaningful way. Nico Nico did something stunning with regard to design and implementation. Occlude the video – show the comments. In a sense, the video becomes a MacGuffin.

Really, it is quite something – the above video is someone cooking chicken. The sad thing is – there is no English version of the site…I did manage to log in by setting the language to Spanish. Running with the idea, Anodos decided to kick it up a notch (or back) over to the sofa:

The $2,000 prototype gives you that MTV4 SMS comment stream on any TV channel you might be watching…course its a hardware tv widget. I’m left wondering (and hoping) if this is becoming a style of virtual temporal graffiti.

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