Good words about Microsoft (or: this blogger commits public suicide?)

From about 7 days of use of the latest Microsoft Office software (I guess that would be Office 2007), on both the Mac and the PC (using VMWare), I have to say I am blown away. Didn’t think Microsoft can come out with such lovely software. I love the submenu grouping, the templates and auto-formatting (e.g., for Word tables) and layouts (for PowerPoint). There are some new PowerPoint features like snap-to-align and a set of quite beautiful presentation templates (unlike any of the old boring ones) that make it pretty close to replacing Apple’s Keynote (not quite yet). Just thought I’d say it.

Also, their Seinfeld-Gates videos are funny.

Still as evil as Ayman, though.

One thought on “Good words about Microsoft (or: this blogger commits public suicide?)

  1. Sagee Ben-Zedeff

    Office 2007 IS cool, but try sending out an Office 2007 document to someone… (most frequent reply: “i think there’s an error with the file. it came out as .docx and not .doc”).

    Also, changing the ENTIRE UI is quite annoying, especially if you were previously an Office guru, and now you can’t find simple things like word count.

    Still, it nice to see that even the baldest and bravest go with the flow eventually… 🙂

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