Yahoo Discovers Gogol Bordello

That actually made me happy. For years I’ve been telling any Yahoo! who wanted to listen that Start Wearing Purple would make a great Yahoo! theme song. While my preaching did not, in all likelihood, have any influence on the matter, Yahoo! just launched a Start Wearing Purple campaign, sporting one of the most beautiful web projects I have seen recently. And the said song in many variations. And more, for example a geotagging-Flickr-bike which I actually had the pleasure to help with (brainstorming with the super-talented folks at Uncommon Projects) before I left Yahoo!. Oh, yes, I did leave Yahoo! a few weeks ago. But more on that later…

p.s. Two positive posts in a row. I’m losing my edge. Ayman, do something.

2 thoughts on “Yahoo Discovers Gogol Bordello

  1. Jeffery

    I’ve been waiting for this as well, but I’m confused as to the message of the ad campaign.

    Are they trying to hire people? Get people to come to the site? Remind people that they still exist?

  2. naaman Post author

    I think “remind people they still exist”. Or rather, “remind people they are still cool”. I thought of writing about “purpose” in the post above but skipped for lack of insight (not that it stopped any blogger before me).

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