Newsflash: Nobody Young is Using LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is one of those sites which, if you still have a job and a you do have life, you only see if something happens (e.g., somebody sends you an invitation). The other day, I got (yet another) invitation, clicked through, and actually even browsed around (to try to figure out if I actually know the person that invited me – it wasn’t Ayman).

They had an ad on that page (bastards!). The ad was actually intriguing – it was designed as a survey, sponsored by Mazda, with a simple question: do you think your car should reflect who you are, or is it just for getting yourself around. Curiosity won over, and I clicked (which one you think I chose? I am not the Racing Geek, remember).

Now the interesting part. Because LinkedIn are so successful in getting your real-life information (jobs, gender, whatever) they were showing the results (“just for getting around” winning 60-40!) broken down to various categories: size of company, position, type of industy. This shows you what a powerful business ad platform LinkedIn could be – for example, you could advertise only to mid-level managers of high-tech companies size 100-500.

On the other hand, if you want to advertise to the youth, you are in the wrong place. Dead wrong:

linkedin broken by age

3 thoughts on “Newsflash: Nobody Young is Using LinkedIn!

  1. Frank

    It’s true that not as many young people use LinkedIn, but do you think it might also be that young people are probably the least likely to even see, much less click on web banner ads? Still valid that it’s probably not the right place to go to advertise to them.

  2. naaman Post author

    That’s an interesting theory – but the differences in seeing/clicking ads could not be as striking as this…

    Actually, for this specific “poll ad” I would expect bias in male vs. female – I think the ratio of M-F responses is 3:2 but I don’t know what’s the ratio on LinkedIn.

  3. Sagee Ben-Zedeff

    Couldn’t agree more about your first finding: LinkedIn is a social network to get updated when something BAD happens (YOU lose/want a job, a friend or colleague loses/wants a job). Still, it has remained very professional and very easy to work with, where others (you know who…) failed.

    I don’t think Mazda ARE targeting the 18-24 age group. I think they had nice response from the “right” age groups. (and I know what you drive – the answer to your question is easy… 🙂

    LinkedIn is even more powerful as it has information on your employment status – you could advertise only to mid-level managers in mid size hi-tech companies that changes their role in the last 6 months and manager 3-5 people (why? I don’t know…).

    Anyway, youth is overrated.

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