Headup and FireEagle

I haven’t written about Fire Eagle in a while but: this is supercool. When we started thinking about FireEagle this was a large portion of the vision we have in mind – information services that tune in on your location and offering you slightly better services – not necessarily radically better – just slightly better – but because of the ease of intergration, provide a location-based service that other would not be available.

So now, my phone talks to Fire Eagle and tells it where I am, while Headup recognizes objects (such as band names) on websites and tell me about nearby events, or shows my photos taken nearby when I visit Flickr.

Now this is the part where Naaman takes credit for introducing the Tals[1] who run Headup/Semantinet to Fire Eagle (first) and the team (second). A beginning of a beautiful friendship, I hope.

[1] Seriously – two guys named Tal.

One thought on “Headup and FireEagle

  1. Tal Keinan

    Thanks Mor for the post!

    I am happy to hear that you appreciate the functionality. Keep in mind that everything is still experimental – I am certain in the next two months you are going to appreciate our progress.

    One of the Tals

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