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Naaman is being persuaded – and even more excitingly, serving as a bridge for persuasion! BJ Fogg and gang had long pointed out the potential of Facebook (and social media) as a persuasive platform. The Causes application on Facebook had been using persuasive elements from the start, and has a significant following (20,000,000 monthly active according to Facebook stats). Causes is cleverly using the social influence potential of Facebook to draw people into supporting various non profits and similar efforts (critics and cynics would say “to satisfy one’s concious while sitting comfortably at a computer screen”). I don’t know when they started to use the birthday information on Facebook, but that’s smart, too: the birthday is arguably the one day a year I have any kind of influence over my friends, if any… right Ayman? Here’s what I got:

Happy (Almost) Birthday!

Thanks to Facebook, in two weeks all of your friends will see that it’s your birthday. Instead of just writing on your wall, or giving you something you don’t need, what if they had a chance to help a cause you believe in? Whether you want to raise money for clean water in Ethiopia, vaccinations for children in Haiti, or a safe home for a puppy in Mississipi, with a Birthday Cause your friends can give in honor of your special day.

Select your Birthday Cause today: Get StartedLearn More

Have a very happy birthday,
The Causes Team

That’s pretty smart. What should I choose? And yes, my birthday is coming up!

In other persuasion news, using YouTube this time (thanks Sagee), Monty Python wants to both free their content and get you to pay for it. Pretty cool assuming they will make all content available and will not fight fans that upload content that the MP’s do not want on the site.

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