Naaman Editing Wikipedia

As part of my class I am going to have my student edit a Wikipedia page of their choice. In preparation, I decided to do so myself – for the first time ever.

Why did I deserve this, then?



It happened when I tried to preview my first edit ever (no, it was not Ayman’s Wikipedia entry). I am not sure how many of my students will have the nerves to handle this kind of error messages! (OK, I did go back and click “preview” again, and then it worked).

Otherwise, editing was kind of ok. Took me a little bit to get the linking/link text model (simple) and understand the references format – both of which will not be trivial to a non-CS or not experienced person, I am afraid. Well, let’s see how my students end up doing (and which edits they choose to do!)[1].

[1] I would have told you mine but I’d like to keep my editing persona private for now. Or can someone figure it out otherwise?

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