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Here’s another post in the series “things that are related mostly because they were on Naaman’s browser tabs at the same time”.

First tab: I do not agree with Ben the Practicalist saying that Lessig did a good job when he was talking with Stephen Colbert about the hybrid information economy, aka “read/write culture” or “remix culture”. I personally think that Lessig’s strategy of handling Colbert’s musing was not effective; the major points did not come through. Still, maybe more people will actually buy the book (I will).

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So, which other tabs were open on my browser? As is often the case, tabs the reflected the move to new information economy:

  • An 1989 article from the New York Times about Ehud Banai was referenced in a documentary I was watching last week. Ehud is my favorite Israel artist, and I looked up the article (a review of one of Ehud’s early shows on his first US tour) when I got back home. The amazing thing here is the Times opening their full archive for free access. Probably one of the most comprehensive collections of information, available for remix (and linking) for free. The Times get it (still at the Times, Nick dug a couple of really old articles – I mean really old – for a story about the death of print for the Radar)
  • The excellent Hype Machine, already aggregating mp3 content from blogs around the world, has an also-excellent Top 10 album list – including full album listen for each. Whoever thinks this is bad for music and for the bands, didn’t read Lessig recently.

What am I saying? That we are already in a Lessig economy. More socialist, as Ben hopes? I don’t know yet.

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