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Ayman has disappeared so it seems like there’s nothing to stop Naaman from blabbering some more. And this time: yet-yet-another-another things-that-happened-to-be-on-my-browser-at-the-same-time. The difference is that they are even more related this time around…

First of all, congratulations to Mr. Kennedy! and me, Naaman! Yay for our recently-accepted WWW’09 paper, awesomely named “Less Talk, More Rock: Automated Organization of Community-Contributed Collections of Concert Videos” (Lyndon is a Rock Star). Just to make clear, that latter part about Lyndon is not part of the title, but its a fact nonetheless.

I will write more about the paper soon (and upload the paper as well), but here is part of the abstract:

We describe a system for synchronization and organization of user-contributed content from live music events. We start with a set of short video clips taken at a single event by multiple contributors, who were using a varied set of capture devices. Using audio fingerprints, we synchronize these clips such that overlapping clips can be displayed simultaneously. Furthermore, we use the timing and link structure generated by the synchronization algorithm to improve the findability and representation of the event content…

In other words, this work builds on social multimedia, those videos and photos that everybody now takes, and some share online, when they go to music shows, concerts, and any other public or private event. Like at an inauguration:

Capturing the moment
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite*

Yes, that’s the perfect photo to demonstrate the “Everybody capturing content” idea. And I just discovered it today.

In our paper, as the abstracts hints, we show how we can take those captures (in this case, videos) and use their audio track to synchronize them, creating a much-improved presentation and also improving on the metadata and organization of the content. In short, a perfect technology for Nine Inch Nails for use in their newly-launched (or re-launched?) website devoted to content from fans, from their years of concerts, which I re-discovered today. 10 videos from the each concert? In 5 years, you will have 100s. We’ll take care of them. How? I promised Sagee I will give him the details… coming soon.

* Photo reproduced in thumbnail size to maintain fair use and will be removed on demand; via the awesome Big Picture)

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