Ayman and Naaman Going to Boston

Sounds like a bad movie title or a beginning of a great joke (you are welcome to suggest the joke in the comments, winner gets a reply comment recognizing their achievement). But we really are both going to be in Boston next week for CHI2009. Look us up! Those of you who know me realize I am easy to find. As for Ayman, well… he’s easy to pick out: his reputation marches ahead of him. If you can’t recognize him by reputation, you can find him at the DIY for CHI workshop, where he’ll be showing off his Mac OS Foot Switch from a Guitar Amp Pedal.

One thought on “Ayman and Naaman Going to Boston

  1. ayman

    And for those of you on the net/twit/face/tube-arati – April fools is long over. We will in fact be at CHI! See you all soon.

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