Talking Tomorrow and the Day After

In case you didn’t talk to me enough at CHI or didn’t get your fill during my brief cameo on the Make blog – I’m talking in Tech tomorrow during the CogSci brown bag at Northwestern (gcal). It has been three years since I walked away with my PhD from NU after a great commencement speech by Barak Obama.  The day after I’m at UIUC…also talking. I’m hoping Naaman will attend both talks.  What are the talks about you ask? Enjoy this title and abstract:

(we need to talk): conversations, media, and social relationships

Most internet media sharing sites like Flickr and YouTube support asynchronous content sharing through commenting and forwarding capabilities. However, as social scientists, we have known for a long time that social relationships are fostered and deepened when people truly share experiences together–that is, when they experience and reflect on things at the same time. In this talk I will talk about two projects that address the real time sharing of internet media experiences, and how relationships are fostered, maintained and deepened through these technologies.

The first project addresses the question: Given that DJs typically connect with the engagement of their audiences by monitoring the dance floor, how do DJs broadcasting online invite and stay connected with the engagement of remote audience members? Specifically I will present the results of a fieldwork case study of House and Hip Hop DJs who connect with other DJs, and with audience members by broadcasting their music sets online while chatting in real time using synchronous chat rooms. Our study revealed the ways in which DJs maintain awareness and gauge audience engagement, and how their audiences affect the performance of sets while broadcasting online.

In the second half of the talk, I will present the architecture and early results from Zync, a tool embedded in an Instant Messaging environment that allows synchronous sharing of video content coupled with real time chat capabilities. Through analysis of people’s sharing practices, I will address the question, what keeps your friend from walking away from a chat window when you share a video from YouTube? I will also discuss some early results from our more than 10,000 people a day using Zync, and briefly discuss our plans for future data analysis as we address the nature of conversational media sharing.

2 thoughts on “Talking Tomorrow and the Day After

  1. naaman

    We need to talk, indeed. Next time you’re speaking 800 miles away, give me a couple of days warning!

    Are you going to post the latest DJ and Zync papers for us?

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