Understanding the Creative Conversation

In October, I’m running a workshop (with Dan and Kurt) at Creativity and Cognition 2009. This workshop builds on the workshop I ran with Ryan two years ago at C&C07. In 2007, we had a great collection of artists, dancers, musicians, educators, ischoolers, and cs folk. This year, I hope we can further strengthen our focus:

This workshop is aimed at describing the elusive creative process: addressing models of creative practice, from art to craft, from dance to education. In particular, we wish to discuss creative models that are conversational: connect the creator and the consumer via the creative act or artifact. We invite researchers and practitioners from any domain to enter into the conversation about the design and process of the creative act.

Do check out the call for participation and we hope to see you Berkeley.

PS: I’ve located Naaman and have begun a creative conversation with him that I’m sure you’ll soon read about.

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