Quake, Rumble, Tweet

Months ago, a 4.1 quake shook up San Francisco. Most people barely felt it, but it did make more of a rumble in the south bay, closer to the epicenter. Twitter became a flood of quake tweets. My follower/following friend @tomcoates sent out a tweet asking about the lack of geo-coded quake bots.

Startled by this, I began a little investigation of ‘how hard could it be’. By the end of the night, I had made the little python bot @sfusgs. It received quite a few followers and made the TC. Here’s a quick walkthrough of how I put it all together:

From there I made @lausgs and @earthusgs (which is really popular in Chile). Naaman, it’d be pretty easy to filter the @earthusgs feed with a pipe to get a stream for the NYC area. You can see a map of all the worlds quakes on my usgs quake page.

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