Annotations (Twitter reads the Ayman and Naaman Show?)

Hey, Naaman’s back for my favorite type of activity: the “I told you so / I called it”. Twitter just announced Annotations, here are some technical details, and here’s the New York Times coverage:

Another new tool is called annotations. Already, individual posts show which app someone used to write the post and the date, time and (if users choose to make it public) location. With annotations, software developers will be able to add other material, which Twitter calls metadata, to Twitter posts.

This could significantly expand the amount of information a post includes, beyond its 140 characters, and could enhance the way Twitter is used.

Posts could include the name of the restaurant where a post was written and its star rating on Yelp, for instance. Then, someone could find Twitter posts about restaurants nearby with five stars. Or developers could add a way to make a payment and purchase, so retailers could sell items from within a post.

Twitter does not know what developers will decide to do with the tool, said Ryan Sarver, who manages the Twitter platform. “The underlying idea is think big, push yourself.”

Sounds very close to what I asked for. Of course, there are the Machine-tag skeptics but they just need a good moment alone with Aaron Cope, Clay Shirky and a machete. Free the information hierarchies!

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