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Late last year, Nick Diakopoulos and myself analysed the sentiment of tweets to characterize the Presidential debates. You can read about it in this paper. For this work, we collected sentiment judgements on 3,238 tweets from the first 2008 Presidential debate.

Today, we’ve decided to post the data online for everyone. Just a few notes before we do:

  1. Twitter owners own their tweets.
  2. The sentiment judgements are free for non-commercial, educational, artistic, and academic usage.
  3. The tweets were all publicly posted.
  4. This data was collected via their search API in 2008; read this paper for details on how.
  5. Sentiment judgements were fetched from Mechanical Turkers; read this other paper for details.
  6. Be responsible in your work using this data.

Creative Commons LicenseWe are releasing this under a Creative Commons license. Dataset for Characterizing Debate Performance via Aggregated Twitter Sentiment by Nicholas Diakopoulos and David A. Shamma is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

The data set is available as a compressed tab-separated file [here’s the ZIP download link]; give us a shout here as a comment if you use it somewhere. Enjoy!


This dataset is now on InfoChimps.

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