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Naaman and Ayman
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This blog is written by Ayman and Naaman. Find our real-life virtual presence, whatever this expression means, here and here.

When we are not slaying dragons, consulting to ant-removal agencies, or waiting – mostly in vain – for refrigerated deliveries, we write this blog. When even that fails, we do research.

Ayman and Naaman first met in 1447. Their first attempt in blogging to the masses resulted in Gutenberg’s invention of Movable Type and the printing press – largely credited to his attempt to effectively smear Ayman and Naaman in large volumes. It was not until 2006, when a shrewd lady pointed out the differences in opinions and the contrast in names between the Ay-man and the Nay-man, that the bloggers decided to re-unite. It did, however, take us two years to set up the server and get WordPress installed. We had been waiting for refrigerated deliveries.

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